Kink. Sweep. Crush. Join the hundreds thousands of men and women who already build functional, ferocious hand strength with steel bending.

Will C.
Centralia, WA
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You have outstanding customer service and are beyond responsive. I'll definitely be doing business with you again and recommending you to everyone.
Jeremy K.
Corpus Christi, TX
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For someone just getting into bending, this website is such a great resource. High quality and fair prices...what's not to love? Also, I am not sure I've ever had a better customer experience either. Definitely will be giving more orders to Matt!
Trey A.
Kenna, WV
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I'm so glad that I purchased these steel bars to train with! Buying from this company is the best way to progressively train and help you on your steel bending journey. The shipping was very quick and I received excellent service from Matt!
Kevin U.
Hays, KS
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I really liked the close poundages between the different bars. Makes the progression much easier to follow. Also, the prices are fair and the customer service is very good!
Joaquin M.
Tucson, AZ
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In the Grip Master's Manual, John Brookfield says "The best exercise for steel bending is - steel bending." I had been scouring the internet for days for nails and steel to bridge the gap between the green and yellow IronMind nail, and then I found Thank you Matt, for taking all the guesswork out of the progressions and making awesome short steel.
David G.
Decatur, GA
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I was initially drawn to the range of poundages so I could comfortably progress without huge gaps in weight. Matt went way out of his way to make sure everything in my order was exactly as it ought to be. The customer service alone is enough to keep me coming back, but the price and selection really hammer it home.
Michael W.
Silverton, OR
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The team at have bending dialed in. They were able to expertly guide me to the correct range of steel to help me toward achieving my goals. They also provide top notch, professional customer service. If you are a beginner, a seasoned bender, or anywhere in between, I highly recommend them.
Jeff W.
Stayton, OR
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I love the steel products you guys have. Especially since there are so many if you are between sizes (from other companies) you can work your way up instead of making big jumps. Have had quite a few people also use your steel and they agree it's nice working your way up instead of making big jumps. Thank you for having a great product and great service.
Melody S.
Pasadena, CA
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Great prices, love having "between nails" options to help bridge the gap. Unparalleled customer service. This is my new supplier of short steel. Thanks, Matt!
Matt S.
Omaha, NE
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I am very happy with the products! I am new to this and the beginner package you offer is a great way to cut the guess work and save money in the long run! Thank you for the great experience!
Yar K.
Doha, Qatar
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Buying from this website gives you not only first class customer service, but also a personalized experience. Matt is like your go-to friend and mentor when it comes to all things short steel bending. He responds to all questions promptly and with a wealth of knowledge. He is a man of his word. I see good things coming his way. Based on my experience, I recommend doing business with this website . A+ service.
David R.
Saint Louis, MO
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The Short Steel Bending Company has been a pleasure to work with. Getting into the bending and grip community seemed a bit intimidating. Not knowing where to start, I took a recommendation from a friend and ordered TSSBC's beginner set. I was hooked immediately. Bending provides a great workout and will take you out of the comfort zone of what you think you can do! I can't say enough about the level of service and the personal attention the The Short Steel Bending Company gives to their customers. I would easily recommend them to anyone that is looking to enter the world of steel bending!
John K.
Dublin, Ireland
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I've just received my second order from Matt at Very fast delivery to Ireland. Excellent steel in all the poundages you need. Looking forward to getting more steel!