I started my steel bending journey around 2010. At first, it was a great deal of fun being able to bend these small diameter bars. My overall grip strength became much stronger. Pinch, crimp, open hand, crush, you name it. My pet lifts in those categories were increasing ground. With not a lot of muscle gain either (my favorite part!)…all tendon strengthening and bone hardening. It was great.

My friends thought I was a little odd, but it was OK because they also became a little more wary about shaking my hand in front of their girlfriends. Did not want to be embarrassed. I cannot blame them! As I progressed into higher poundages, I noticed that there was a large gap of available knowledge in the short steel bending market. There were a few companies out there trying to address this issue, but it was just not enough. The gurus of the steel bending world obviously had all of the knowledge, but it was yet to be disseminated in a straight-forward way. It was also very expensive. The average man or woman, who did not have a steel bending addiction, would not be able to afford buying the mishmash of different bars with different diameters and lengths. It was all so confusing.

Fast forward a couple of years. With great effort, I finally put together something I have been wanting for myself for over a decade. Now YOU can have it! I streamlined the process of buying short steel (for the purpose of bending). My two main concerns were: (1) Having a reliable and accurate progression of bending poundages; and (2) keeping the costs down for the end user. Besides a small markup, what you see on this website is damn close to what I pay when I buy steel for myself. Honest.

There are 38 different diameters and lengths of steel available on this website. They range from 20 pounds to 810 pounds of force to bend. That is an average of 21 pounds per level “jump.” No gaps here, baby! There is a clear progression from the bottom to the top. I worked hard to provide you this info and I hope you put it to good use.

Enjoy your journey. It has been a blast for me, and I hope I can “send the elevator back down” and make it easier for you.