Hey! That’s me up there – Matt Armiger. Nice to meet you.

I’m bending a steel bar in to a shape it’s not supposed to be in…and it’s damn tough. I got in to steel bending over a decade ago and, ever since then, it has kept me in thrall. It turned my wrists into iron and gave me an inner confidence that is hard to describe in words (you grizzled bending veterans know what I’m talking about!). After bending for so many years, I decided I wanted to give back to the community that had given me so much.

I created steel bar, steel bolt, and horseshoe bending progressions that go from very easy to very hard – they are ladders, per se, of bars/bolts/shoes of varying thicknesses, lengths, and shapes. We sell 38 different short steel bars, 18 different bolts, 16 types of horseshoes, 8 different sized flat bars, 3 lengths of steel spikes, and a plethora of specialty bars! I also created a card-tearing progression that starts with easy paper stock, and finishes with tough, plastic coated stock. It’s legit…check it out.

New to bending or don’t know what the hell it even is? Check out our resources pages. We’ll get you straightened out. Want to start bending and tearing but don’t know where to begin? Get your hands on one of the beginner’s bags and go to town! Already a seasoned pro, and are simply looking to stock up on steel and hand wraps? We have you covered.

Business-wise, we only focus on four things: high-quality products, affordable prices, FAST shipping, and extremely responsive customer service. That’s it! Everything else comes second.

We are truly the world’s ONLY one-stop-shop for anything tearing and bending-related. Thanks for visiting us, and we hope you enjoy perusing our website and using our products