Brass Bars (Grade 360)



This isn’t your namby-pamby brass that is used on door knobs and other decorative knickknacks around the house. This is industrial-strength stuff. It will give you the fight of your life when performing the crush. It’s damn near impossible. The kink isn’t too bad though.

This material is GREAT practice for those benders who are stuck on the crush portion of some of the higher-poundage cold-rolled bars. It will really test your mettle. See below for the progression.

[1.] B-1 (3/16″ x 6″)
[2.] B-2 (1/4″ x 6″)
[3.] B-3 (5/16″ x 6″)
[4.] B-4 (3/8″ x 6″)