Decks of Cards



Card tearing is one of those things that really piques the interest of innocent bystanders. One part party trick, one part weird, crimp grip exercise, this feat of strength has been around for ages. Half decks, full decks, multiple decks, you name it…they have been torn in half by some strong people over the years. It’s NOT just an exercise for strongmen anymore! Here at TSSBCI, we sell a small progression of different card types that range from easy paper stock to tough plastic coating. If you are complete beginner, start with 10 cards, and then add 5 cards to each “attempt” as you get stronger. See below for the progression!

Level 1: Good starter deck; paper stock; not slippery at all (REGAL)

Level 2: Medium-tough deck; plastic-coated paper stock; not too slippery (AVIATOR)

Level 3: Very tough deck and hard to start; plastic-coated paper stock; very slippery (MAVERICK)

Level 4: Freaking tough deck; plastic-coated paper stock; very slippery (BICYCLE)