Finger It! ™



This thing is way-cool. It’s a tiny one-finger grip tool that is rated for a 1,300 LBS max lift! Just bring your own loading pin and carabiner, drop in the weights, clip it on to this grip device, and then go to town. Or, buy two of these babies, clip some carabiners on them, and use them for finger pull-ups! Louis Cyr would be proud. The lifting ring is 1″ wide and 3/8″ thick for extra padding for your fingers during heavy lifts.

It will NOT bite into your distal or middle interphalangeal joints (first and second knuckle joints…in layman’s terms). This is the key difference between this TSSBCI grip tool and other, homemade finger lifts. They tend to be very thin and uncomfortable. There is NO comparison. Pick one up today and strength those finger tendons and ligaments!