International Steel Bar Beginner’s Bag



Here we introduce The Short Steel Bending Company’s flagship product! The one that started it all and continues to take the steel bending world by storm: the Beginner’s Bag.


Have no clue what you are doing? Want to get started bending but cannot seem to figure out where to start? Look no further, my friend. This is for people who want to dip their toe into short bending but do not want to spend a ton of time trying to figure out where they “are” in terms of strength. It’s a perfect blend of easy and medium-tough bars that will humble you and give you a great idea of why steel bending is such a great exercise.

Inside you get:

30 pieces of cold-rolled steel (3 bars each of 10 different yield strengths ranging from 45.26 kg to 113.40 kg)

1 pair of suede hand wraps

1 pair of Cordura hand wraps

1 bag of rubber bands

1 TSSBCI logo sticker

1 TSSBCI business card

It is the most complete short steel beginner bag on the market. You will not find anything as comprehensive as what we offer. Try it. Go ahead. We can wait while you piddle around online…