Squeeze It! ™





This is your chance to own a piece of strongman history. The “Squeeze It!” is essentially a farmer’s carry implement with a hand gripper handle. The ONLY way to pick it up is to squeeze the LIFE out of the handle (that is trying to pry your hand apart). The deep soreness that follows is other-worldly.

What is so COOL about this thing is that you CANNOT cheat when picking up the device. Instead of relying on your support grip to lift the bar, you will be forced to use your crush grip (the SAME muscles you use when trying to close a Captains of Crush gripper).
It’s like a hand gripper on steroids. You will be severely humbled. We recommend starting at 10 LBS on each side (20 LBS total) and then working your way up from there. The device itself weighs about 8 LBS and is around 37″ long.