Stainless Steel Bars (Grade 304L)



Want to bend something shiny, pretty, and unforgiving? Give this stainless stuff a try! It’s pretty much a fight all the way through the bend. It binds up quite nicely (not a good thing, lol) during the crush and will spring back when you least expect it. The kink is also super-annoying and slow.

These bars are pretty good all-around practice for when you are stuck on a high-poundage cold-rolled steel bar and you need some more fine tuning to work on all the different steps of the bending process. For a weight lifting analogy, think of it as doing lots of negatives and isometrics when working towards a weighted pull-up personal record. Really fills in those gaps in your strength. Check out the progression below.

[1.] SS-1 (3/16″ x 6″)
[2.] SS-2 (1/4″ x 6″)
[3.] SS-3 (5/16″ x 6″)
[4.] SS-4 (3/8″ x 6″)