Steel Bar Challenges & Certifications



Every other bending stock supplier has their own cold-rolled challenge bars…why not us? In order to reward our customers for their hard training efforts, TSSBCI will be handing out certificates for bends! We have three challenges available…and they are only $10 a piece. Six rules to follow:

(1) Use one pair of cordura wraps (or none)
(2) Bend the bar to two inches or less (from end to end)
(3) Complete the bend in under sixty seconds
(4) The challenge bars are the ONLY bars allowed to be used
(5) The bars are to be bent “un-braced”
(6) You MUST start with the lowest challenge bar and work your way up (i.e. start with The Rascal, then bend The Rogue, etc.)

That’s it! Send video evidence via email to or visit Instagram and private message @short_steel_bending. TSSBCI will then send you a cert in the mail and add you to our online rosters. How legit is that?

We picked seven distinct bars out of the total thirty-eight that we sell. Each one has an approximate yield-strength poundage and a nickname. Use these bars as milestones or “signposts” on your steel bending journey. Each one represents a plateau-breaking turning point in your ability as a bender. Some of the bars reward pure strength, some reward elite technique. See below for a breakdown and cool descriptions of the bars!

The Rascal (100 LBS – 3/16″ x 7″ CRS)

Almost too easy, it’s the first bar that, after bending, will make you smile and realize that this steel bending thing has some merit. A bend of this caliber will hopefully light a fire under your you-know-what. It’s a bit easier than the WHITE NAIL.

The Rogue (170 LBS – 3/16″ x 7″ CR-SQ)

This bar will give you your first “uh-oh” moment. The square shape introduces another factor into the bending process and will force you to start thinking about using some technique in your bending rather than muscling through it. It’s a smidge harder than the GREEN NAIL.

The Brute (230 LBS – 1/4″ x 7″ CRS)

Good luck trying to bully this bar with brute strength alone! This milestone bar will be the first time you actually have to use some superior technique in order to melt it. No, seriously. Instead of pushing down with all of your might, you will learn to squeeze the ends of the bars “inward”. Bending this will put you in an elite camp! It’s exactly the same as the YELLOW NAIL.

The Savage (350 LBS – 1/4″ x 7.5″ CR-SQ)

Hopefully you figured out the technique aspect above! Welcome to the big boy club. This unit of a bar will stop you in your tracks if you are not ready for it. You better start trying to merge strength and superior technique, buddy. The kink will be tough due to its long length. It’s a good bit harder than the BLUE NAIL.

The Beast (460 LBS – 5/16″ x 8″ CRS)

Hello sore hands, wrists, and fingers! This bar is an absolute terror and should be respected. The very long length of it will make the kink extremely hard. You better get that shoulder mobility up and working or this thing will not even budge. The sweep and crush will be technically easier than the RED NAIL, but the kink introduces another factor into the equation and will make the first part of the bend harder than the RED NAIL. It’s a perfect blend!

The Monster (640 LBS – 5/16″ x 6″ CR-HEX)

Good God. We would be shocked if more than 15-20 people on the entire planet could bend this. Consider this a world-class bend! The hex shape of this thing introduces another tough obstacle. The mental aspect needed to bend this bar will surprise you. You will also need iron tendons and super-tough, grizzled hands. While bending, you will actually feel the smaller bones in your hands and fingers MOVING AROUND their joints…It’s a freaky feeling. This bar is about the same level as the GOLD NAIL.

The Demon (810 LBS – 3/8″ x 6.75″ CRS)

Alright, we sell this bar just for fun. We doubt anyone in the world can bend it. It’s fun to look at though…the damn thing looks like a kickstand for a large motorcycle. It’s about 25% harder than the GOLD NAIL.