Steel Horseshoe Challenges & Certifications



Along with the bolts, bars, and cards, TSSBCI is also offering horseshoe bending certs! Horseshoes are obviously bent much differently than bars or bolts. They are, most of the time, bent in a “braced” style. It means using your legs as leverage in order to bend the steel to your will. Only $10 a piece per cert. See the rules below:

(1) Use two pair of suede or Cordura wraps (or none)
(2) Bend the horseshoe past 180 degrees (after laying on flat surface, one of the two legs must be pointing in air)
(3) Complete the bend in under sixty seconds
(4) The challenge shoes are the ONLY shoes allowed to be used
(5) The shoes are to be bent “braced” with soft cloth or suede padding on legs
(6) You MUST start with the lowest challenge shoe and work your way up (i.e. start with the #1 shoe, then bend the #3 shoe, etc.)

That’s it! Send video evidence via email to or visit Instagram and private message @short_steel_bending.  We will then add you to our online rosters and send you a cert in the mail. How legit is that? Check out the ladder rank of challenge shoes:

Horseshoe #1 (St. Croix Ultra-Lite Size 2)
Horseshoe #3 (St. Croix Ultra-Lite Size 000)
Horseshoe #6 (Diamond Classic Plain Size 2)
Horseshoe #9 (Diamond Classic Plain Size 000)
Horseshoe #12 (St. Croix Lite Rim Size 000)
Horseshoe #13 (St. Croix Lite Size 3)
Horseshoe #15 (St. Croix Lite Size 0)
Horseshoe #16 (St. Croix Lite Size 000)