Steel Rotary Shafts (Grade 12L14)



Want to brag to your friends that you just bent a rotary shaft? Don’t know what the hell a rotary shaft is? Neither do we! Who cares, though. This steel is like the little brother of the regular cold-rolled steel bars we sell. It’s got the same properties (some bounce back and small bind in the crush), just in less amounts. On paper, it supposedly tougher than the cold-rolled bars, but in reality, due to the smidge higher lead content, it’s easier. Use these bars as the “easier version” of your cold-rolled bends. Take a look at the small progression:

[1.] R-1 (3/16″ x 6″)
[2.] R-2 (1/4″ x 6″)
[3.] R-3 (5/16″ x 6″)