Steel Spikes



The OG braced bending implement: the humble steel spike! They come in 12″/10″/8″ lengths and are all 3/8″ thick. These things are way bigger than they look in the picture. They look like common nails you get at the hardware store, except comically bigger!

When you get your hands on one you will be like “oh damn, it’s about to get REAL.”

These giant nails will stop you in your tracks if you are not ready for them. Obviously you will bend these braced (using your body for support/leverage/fulcrum). Try not to cry too much when you cannot even get it kinked.

For reference, you should be bending in the 350-450 pound range with our steel bars before even trying to attempt to bend these spikes. You have been warned!

For a small progression, start with the 12″ spike and work your way down to the 8″.