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Introduction To Short Steel Bending E-Book

Get ripped…and look cool doing it. This e-book (published by the owner himself) is chock-full of information you won’t find anywhere else.

10 Reasons Why Short Steel Bending Is The King Of All Grip Strength Exercises

Not convinced of short steel bending’s greatness? Take a gander at this 5,000 word monster article.

Old-Time Strongman Exercises

Don’t be a little puss…those strongmen from generations ago certainly were not. You can try some of their unique workouts at home.

Nylon Hand Wrap Procedure

Hand wraps are an essential part of short steel bending. The nylon wrapping technique will take a few tries to really master.

Suede Hand Wrap Procedure

Wrapping these soft suede wraps is sort-of like the nylon ones, but with a small twist.

Combo Wrap Procedure

What’s better than one? Two, obviously. Combine the nylon and suede wraps to form the ultimate in hand protection.

TSSBCI Guest Posts

There are some genuine gold nuggets of info contained in these posts. If it’s hard-fought knowledge you’re looking for – click here.

Short Steel Bending Is The Coolest Hobby You’ve Never Heard Of (Part 1)

You read the title, right? It’s self explanatory. Your’e going to fall in love with short steel bending!

Short Steel Bending Is The Coolest Hobby You’ve Never Heard Of (Part 2)

Part two of our attempt to show the reader why short steel bending is the ultimate grip strength exercise.

TSSBCI Steel Bar Strength Levels

The strength required to bend these bars varies…tremendously. From the wimpy first bars, to the superhuman last few.