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Hey! My name’s Matt Armiger. Nice to meet you. I got in to steel bending over a decade ago and, ever since then, it has kept me enthralled. It turned my wrists into iron and gave me an inner confidence that is hard to describe in words (you grizzled bending veterans know what I’m talking about!). After bending for so many years, I decided I needed to give back to the community that had given me so much.

The Short Steel Bending Company, Inc.™ was founded way back in January of 2021 and quickly debuted a progression system for steel bending. The bars, that are rated by the poundage of force required to bend them, go from easy-peasy to super-humanly impossible. Do not worry about “not being strong enough” to bend steel – we covered all our bases and made sure that our easiest bars could be bent by most any adult.

We only focus on four things:

(1) Consistent steel
(2) Affordable prices
(3) Fast shipping
(4) Insanely-responsive customer service.

That’s it! Everything else comes second.

TSSBCI™ is truly the world’s ONLY one-stop-shop for anything short steel bending-related. Thanks for visiting us, and we hope you enjoy perusing our website and using our products. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, give us a shout – we’re happy to help.


Owner: Matt Armiger
Phone Number (Call/Text): 302-690-7039
Biz Email: marmiger@shortsteelbending.com
Personal Email: mscottarmiger713@gmail.com
Hours: 7am – 11pm EST (7 Days Per Week)