Short Steel Bending

Make grip training fun again – with the coolest grip strength builder you’ve NEVER heard of!

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Rethink grip exercises

Grip strength, reimagined.

You’re tired of the same, old, grip exercises. Wrist curls suck, hand grippers are too taxing on the hands, and the ever-hated stress ball squeeze is lame is fuck. It’s time to level up your grip game – by bending steel.

Settle down, Anakin. We’ve done the hard lifting and thinking for you. The weakest bars we offer could be bent by your arthritic grandma. You’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Um…yea it’s fun as hell! You’ll build ridiculously strong, ape-like grip strength. Is that not enough? Ok, fine:

  • increased confidence in you natural abilities
  • a strange mental clarity that evaporates the daily stresses of life
  • a growing desire to tackle tough projects.

Our 50+ page intro-to-bending book (e-book download) explains everything you’d ever want to know about steel bending. It describes all the techniques, tips/tricks, and goes into great detail on the many benefits it can give you.

No, not really. It’s only as expensive as you make it. Assume $75 a month or so if you begin to take it seriously. That’s about the same as a decent gym membership – except bending steel will give you WAY more bang for your buck.

Take a gander below. That shirtless animal (the owner) is bending a massive steel bar. The yellow things he’s grabbing onto are the hand wraps (to protect your hands from bruising). This bar is rated at 350 pounds of force to bend!

strong first

It’s first and foremost a badass grip workout…

Look at that sexy beast in the pic. He’s being a very bad boy and bending a steel bar into a shape it’s not supposed to be in!

The consequences for his actions will be dire. They will consist of:

  • thickened wrists
  • steel-cable-like lower arm tendons
  • the grip strength muscles of someone who masturbates 10 times per day.

“The founder of this company is clearly some sort of insane person who is quite adept at bringing out one’s inner masochist. 10/10.”
(Will F. – Burke, VA)

“I loved it. I definitely underestimated how fast my arms would pump out.”
(Adam K. – Frederick, MD)

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head games

Bending develops an inner confidence that’s hard to describe…

You ever get in a physical altercation where your heart drops and your stomach ties itself into a knot? You feel like a wimp because you know there’s the possibility of losing the fight.

After bending steel for a few months, that feeling all but disappears! The vice-like grip you will develop will instill in you a strange type of confidence.

“Phenomenal product and customer service. Shipping was a lot quicker than expected. 5 stars.”
(Colin B. – Columbus, GA)

“Purchased the beginner kit and some extra steel to help with wrist/grip strength for jiu-jitsu and other hobbies. Already noticed a difference with the muscles that are engaged when bending…also it’s pretty fun! Thanks Matt!”
(Cody M. – Liberty Lake, WA)

Get My FREE Intro-To-Bending Book

What our benders say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

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“I bought your beginner’s kit recently and wanted to tell you how great it is. Nothing feels better than bending some steel after a hard day’s work.”

“You have amazing customer service, and you even answered my questions when you were on vacation. The products are top notch.”

“Started with the beginner’s kit and was instantly hooked. I was feeling it in muscles I didn’t even know I had.”

“I’m having a great time with steel bending. Best grip and forearm workout I’ve ever had.”

“I am enjoying the short steel bending beginner’s kit. I already tried all the bars, and I can say this is a really fun workout.”

“Shipping was fast…the whole setup is great. Did a couple of bars and boy, are they tough. Definitely feel it in my forearms. If you want big lower forearms, this is definitely the way to go!”

√  FREE shipping to your doorstep
√  OVER 110+ five-star customer reviews