Nylon Hand Wrap Procedure

As with many choices in life, the easier way is usually the path you don’t want to take consistently. But, every now and then, it’s OK to be a rule breaker. “Correctly” rolling up the hand wraps (aka, tight as shit) is a giant pain in the ass for many benders. It’s time-consuming (if you are new), and can even turn you off to wanting to begin the workout. It’s akin to boxing – where before you do anything, you have to take five minutes out of your workout to REALLY focus on wrapping your hands and wrists so they don’t get injured during your session.

Instead of fretting about it, how about you take the lazy bum’s way out? We here at TSSBCI recommend this technique because it forces us to grip the shit out of the bar instead of relying on the bar “grabbing” the insides of the wraps (and making the bend easier).