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Short Steel Bending Trial Kit


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Inside you get…

  • 45 steel bars rated at the poundage of force required to bend them (100 pounds all the way to 320 pounds). $180 Value $87
  • Suede hand wraps (soft as a kitten’s bottom) that will protect your hands from the harsh bending process. $18 Value $6
  • Nylon hand wraps (tough as nails – hah) that will give you some extra cushion when destroying your steel. $8 Value $4

Why people love this trial kit.

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Take a quick gander at a few 5-star reviews from customers who purchased our beginner’s trial kit. As a matter of fact, they bought their kits from this EXACT SAME EXCLUSIVE ONE-TIME OFFER…

Started with this beginner’s kit and was instantly hooked. I was feeling it in muscles that I didn’t even know I had, and there is seriously no more satisfying feeling than finishing a tough bend. Shipping and customer service made ordering more bars too easy. Can’t recommend enough.

Tommy A. – Miami, FL

Fantastic products! I started with the beginner’s kit. It shipped quickly, and the owner Matt was kind enough to reach out and make sure I had received the order and if I had any questions that needed answering. I then wanted some tougher steel, which arrived very quickly as well. Matt has continued to be very responsive and helpful the whole way through.

Toby M. – McHenry, IL

I bought your beginner kit recently and I wanted to tell you how great it is. Nothing feels better than bending some steel after a hard day’s work.

Lucas T. – Darien, CT

Bought this beginner’s kit. Can confirm. Perfect blend of bars. If you’re on the fence, come on down and start bending!Add a testimonial should highlight why they use the product and how It benefits them.

Richard S. – San Tan Valley, AZ

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