How to Gain a Positively Unfair Advantage in the Strength Training Game

Crazy “new” old-school exercise called short steel bending puts every other strength-based workout to absolute SHAME.

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“This FREE report will knock your socks off. Stop trying to gain grip strength by performing wrist curls or by monotonously squeezing a weak hand gripper. Short steel bending is the COOLEST exercise you’ve never heard of. This shit will change your life.”

– Matthew Armiger (Owner/Founder)

Some of the secrets you’ll learn inside:

Secret #1

See how to beef up your wrist tendons (yes, that’s actually a thing) and simultaneously develop a grotesque mass of forearm veins and ligaments that looks like a road atlas.

Secret #2

Learn why conventional grip strength training is so lame and how short steel bending can fix that – every workout is new and exciting. No longer will you dread bringing in the groceries with one arm in one trip.

Secret #3

Find out how to give a confidently firm handshake when meeting another man. Who knew that short steel bending could turn
handshakes into acts of pure elegance?

“Brings Out Your Inner Masochist”

The founder of this company is clearly some sort of insane person who is quite adept at bringing out one’s inner masochist. 10/10.

William F. – Burke, VA

“Full-Body Strength Workout”

Wow, I didn’t realize this would be so entertaining or feel so great when you accomplish a bend. I love how it’s a full body/mind exercise.”

Mark C. – Lakeside, CA

“Gives Me A Huge Arm Pump”

I loved it. I definitely underestimated how fast my arms would pump out.

Adam K. – Frederick, MD

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