Privacy/Refund/Return/Injury Policies


TSSBCI only collects your personal data (phone number and address) after you have purchased one of our products. Your information will NEVER be shared with anyone. Our promise. We use this data ourselves in order to keep track of existing customers, fulfill orders, deal with returns/refunds, etc. Your full credit card information is NEVER available to us – only the payment processors (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc.) have access to that information. In fact, we do not allow users to make accounts or log in to anything on our website – that is a MAJOR step in helping to prevent hacking and account info theft.


Shipping took 2 weeks? Product not what you ordered? Mistakes happen…we can make it right. While TSSBCI has no “set-in-stone” policies to deal with these things, we will work with you to find an acceptable solution via either refund or product switches. We haven’t had a customer dissatisfied with this lassie-faire process yet (3+ years, and counting!). Contact the owner with any complaints: Matthew Armiger (302-690-7039).


You are buying our steel for ONE purpose only…to bend it! That is why we will never condone the use of our steel for any other purposes. TSSBCI is not liable for anything that results in injury or death because of the misuse of our products. Don’t be a dumb ass and go too hard, too soon. Use your head! There are right and wrong ways of doing things…it is up to YOU to figure out what works best for your health and safety. Bending is a fantastic workout when performed in moderation…just like anything else.