Steel Bending

(introducing the coolest grip strength exercise and forearm muscle grower you’ve NEVER heard of)

“Shipping was super fast. If you’re thinking about trying out steel bending, just get the beginner’s kit and do it!” (Kyle K.)

“I bought your beginner’s kit recently and wanted to tell you how great it is. Nothing feels better than bending some steel after a hard day’s work.” (Lucas T.)

“Started with the beginner’s kit and was instantly hooked. I was feeling it in muscles I didn’t even know I had.” (Tommy A.)


* What the hell is steel bending and what can it do for ME? We hear that question all the time. Keep on reading if you want to learn how to develop muscular forearms that resemble steel cables!

* To sum it all up, “short” steel bending is an exercise that requires you to bend a steel bar (that can vary in length) using only your two hands as leverage. “Long” steel bending is same thing, but you are able to use your body (torso/quads/inner thighs/etc.) to help get the bar bent. The cut-off point is usually in the 8″ range – meaning anything over 8″ qualifies as “long” bending, while bars shorter than that go into the “short” bending category. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, though…as you’ll come to find out.

* Many of the bars we offer are rated by the poundage of force required to bend them (shhh – the ratings process is a trade secret). That’s it. Simple, but oh-so brutal. Want to see the bending process in action? Check out the video below. It’s one of our stronger customers destroying a short bar rated at 330 pounds of force required to bend it.

* We know what you’re thinking…NO the bars will not snap suddenly. This steel alloy was chosen for its ability to bend, not snap in half. That would be terrible for business!

* There are 40 levels of bars in each of our 7 different progression systems. We also have 12 levels of horseshoes! These ladders are delineated by length and diameter (from skinniest to thickest). Work your way up those ladders just like you would any other exercise. It sounds a bit confusing now, but it will become much more clear and easy-to-figure-out later once you actually get your hands on them!

* This super-manly grip strength exercise will kick your ass and knock you out of your current workout rut. On the flip-side, it’s also a cool hobby – you don’t HAVE to be so hardcore about it. Many of our customers take an hour out of their busy week, open up a cold one, turn on their favorite music, and go to town on these bars. It’s an awesome way to relieve stress and anxiety.


“I am enjoying the short steel bending beginner’s kit. I already tried all the bars, and I can say this is a really fun workout.” (Adrien A.)

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* We here at The Short Steel Bending Company, Inc. (TSSBCI) pride ourselves on our stellar reviews. Our customers trust us, and we respect them in turn. Matt Armiger, our founder, had to build this brand new exercise from the ground-up based off reputation alone. He takes it VERY seriously.

* His policy is simple: you didn’t like what you paid for and want a refund? 100% of your money back. In cash. ASAP. It rarely ever happens (maybe twice in the past 3 years), but it’s nice knowing you have that option.

* His phone number is 302-690-7039. If there are ANY issues with your order, text him immediately. He’ll make it right. Watch the man himself bend some cold, hard steel below!

“I’m having a great time with steel bending. Best grip and forearm workout I’ve ever had.” (William H.)

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