2″ Wide Steel Flat Bars (Grade A36)



These things are super cool. They are 2″ wide flat bars made of hot-rolled steel. All come in different lengths and diameters. The longer the bar, the technically easier the bar. The thinner the bar, the easier the bar. Combine those two factors and now you know what you are working with.

They are to be bent in the “braced” style of bending. That means, you can bend the bar using your: thighs/outer legs/crotch/head/stomach/arms/mouth/etc. Anything but the ground or a nearby wall. This opens up a world of possibilities!

No longer are you beholden to pure strength…NOW, you can introduce different types of leverage. This is what separates braced bending from un-braced bending. It’s a whole ‘nother ball game. Instead of bends lasting 1-2 minutes at most, now you will be fighting these monsters for 20-30 minutes! You get a HUGE value for your money with these things. You will be sore for DAYS. It will build some seriously scary full-body strength. Good luck.

Also buy two suede hand wraps and two suede leg wraps to complete the package. Once you have taken down our steel bars in the 230-290 pound range, you can begin this type of braced bending. Start from the beginning though.

For reference, people who are legit beginners should play around with bars 1-4. Already a seriously strong athlete? Begin at bar number 5 and work your way up.

See below for the names of the sizes we sell. Follow the progression!

FB-1 (3/16″ x 36″)
FB-2 (3/16″ x 24″)
FB-3 (1/4″ x 36″)
FB-4 (1/4″ x 24″)
FB-5 (5/16″ x 36″)
FB-6 (5/16″ x 24″)
FB-7 (3/8″ x 36″)
FB-8 (3/8″ x 24″)